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Women’s Hair

“french curves inside themselves / dangling at the breasts”

Published onJun 02, 2019
Women’s Hair

smoke rising from a campfire
deep scent of the seasons
sugar sprinkled on bread and butter
fingers interlacing hands
threads woven into a scarf of
black and red, brown and yellow
silk against the face
french curves inside themselves
dangling at the breasts
a crest of tender nakedness
touch the soul, kiss the sky
sweet Marys in a glass of wine

Larry Smith is a poet, fiction writer and biographer of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Kenneth Patchen. His most recent work is Thoreau’s Lost Journal: Poems and Tu Fu Comes to America. He’s a professor emeritus of Bowling Green State University in Ohio and director of Bottom Dog Press. He and his wife live along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio.

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