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Let's Play

Vamos Brincar

Published onJul 26, 2020
Let's Play

“Jump on the Water,” 2007, digital black and white photograph, 2587 x 1733 pixels, Emanuela Franco

Emanuela Franco is a Brazilian journalist with more than ten years of experience in Brazil and Europe. The photojournalism project “Let’s Play” (“Vamos Brincar”) aims to record images of children playing in the streets of Brazil. “Let’s Play” reviews the games currently forgotten by most children who live in large cities. Playing “paste-stick” (pega-pega), “hide-hide” (esconde-esconde), “seven sins” (sete pecados), among other games, are part of the tradition of some communities and societies of inland places. Rescuing the games of the past is fundamental in that society where new technologies invade everything. One of the focuses of the project is the social isolation of children living in large skyscrapers, locked up as a result of the expansion of urban violence.

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