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The Orchid That Looks Out Our Living Room Window

"does more than look"

Published onMar 18, 2020
The Orchid That Looks Out Our Living Room Window

does more than look;
it watches with
moisture collecting
in the hollow
of its wing

dewy anticipation
disguised by a hot pink hood
and in my case
     a men’s visor

brave petals
turned bright petals
after five p.m.
when we come home

a helpless wild
crawls up its stem and
my face when I look
in the mirror
     by my own wilting

momentary joy
fills the view;
it watches with
petals pleated
petals spread

brave palms
turned pallid palms

on Wednesdays
we drop ice cubes into its vase
how fast they melt

we watch it watch
the neighbors
sans curtains
put their groceries away

a hunch
to divert
its lip

sound of pond
nesting asphalt
outside our living room window

sound of hose
turning on
children willingly unshielded

living room window
to let orchid
sit in light

door sounds
stir dorsal

does shy
sideways glance

outside our living room sounds
could make an orchid shimmy out of its vase

late for greenery

outside in our chairs
when you ask
what I’m staring at so reticently
I respond
a hummingbird’s back.

Anna Ter-Yegishyan lives in Los Angeles with a background in English. Outside of pursuing her MBA, she writes whenever she can. Her poetry has appeared in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Westwind and FORTH Magazine. 

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