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Note from the Poetry Editor

Poetry editor's introductory note to SAR V (Summer 2021)

Published onSep 06, 2021
Note from the Poetry Editor

“Can’t I live in poems?”

— Leonard Cohen, “On the Sickness of My Love”

It has been an honor to read from all of the talented writers that contributed to SAR for this issue, online and in print.

Us editors are immensely grateful for those of you that have read, supported, and submitted to San Antonio Review. We received a multitude of well-crafted submissions in all genres. The pieces in this issue reflect only a fraction of the incredible work that comes from SAR’s contributors.

Beyond my gratitude for all of the artists and writers, I owe much to Will and Ash for their hard work, dedication, and patience. This publication would not be possible without their diligence and the support of those who read and submit to SAR. For many this year, art has been a form of solace. I hope that the poems featured in this issue serve as poems that readers can “live in,” even if just for the duration of the reading.

Gianna Sannipoli studies poetry at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is San Antonio Review’s poetry editor.

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