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SAR Review Process

Details on the SAR Submission & Review Processes.

Published onSep 07, 2020
SAR Review Process

The members of the SAR Editorial Collective review every submission. Submissions received via our online submission-publishing platform, PubPub, naturally receive our most immediate attention, though we do accept emailed and posted submissions.

Note: Authors and artists emailing submissions with the intention of saving themselves the trouble of figuring out how to transfer the work into digital format (for example, poems with formatting impossible to replicate using PubPub鈥檚 WYSIWYG editor) in the mistaken belief that SAR editors will perform the actual labor of creating a digitally usable version of the work will be dissatisfied with our response. We encourage you to make your best effort at ensuring your work is properly formatted as you wish to see it in publication before hitting Request Publication. We are more than happy to help find ways to make things work once you鈥檝e done your part. Note that we鈥檝e added an option to pay to have an editorial collective member transfer your submission into PubPub since this initial drafting of these guidelines.

Unless requested otherwise, we will offer comments and edits on submissions we believe may be a match for the journal鈥檚 digital and/or print editions. Acceptance in one does not guarantee publication in the other.

Authors and Artists Should:

  1. Create a PubPub account and complete their profile information.

  2. Click Create Pub. (鈥淧ub鈥 is PubPub鈥檚 term for an individual new article 鈥 much like 鈥減ost鈥 is used to refer to blog posts around the Web.)

  3. Type, copy-and-paste or import their submission (one per Pub) using PubPub鈥檚 What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor. (The WYSIWYG editor PubPub uses is highly reminiscent of many blogging platforms with a few slight changes.)

  4. Include a short biography and contact information at the bottom of their submission.

  5. Change the title from 鈥淯ntitled鈥 to their tentative title.

  6. Include the submission鈥檚 genre in the space reading 鈥淎dd a description for this Pub.鈥

  7. Click Request Publication when finished.

  8. Complete the SAR Submission Datasheet.

  9. Check back in a week or two for comments and pending edits.

  10. Contact [email protected] with questions and concerns.

  11. Not be concerned if they can鈥檛 find their submission(s) when they check back. If your submission has seemingly disappeared, that means it鈥檚 currently under review by the editorial collective. We will contact you 鈥 if you鈥檝e left us your contact information somewhere 鈥 when the piece is available for your review and edits. Please continue to check back.

  12. Understand our editorial suggestions are suggestions and feel free to communicate/argue with your reviewers (respectfully).

  13. Not expect an immediate response. We work through submissions as quickly as possible but also have day jobs.

SAR Editorial Collective Members Will

  1. Read all submissions.

  2. Notify author or artist of acceptance or rejection.

  3. Edit, comment on and review accepted submissions. (Using SAR Style Guides where appropriate. We generally defer to the author.)

  4. Respond to author and artist questions and concerns via submission platform and email.

  5. Update editorial calendar.

  6. Request second reviews from other collective members.

  7. Upon completing a review, click Request Publication: Create a Release Review. (This will add your review to the Pub History on the right in Figure 2.)

Above the body text of each Pub are options for viewing the Pub History (clock icon), publishing the release or requesting additional review of the piece. (Figure 1.)

  • Do not click Publish: Create a Release unless you really intend for the world to see what you鈥檝e just done.

Revisions/Version History

If you like to keep track of changes, PubPub was built with you in mind. PubPub auto-saves as you work. All changes are automatically saved. By clicking the clock icon at the top of your submission, you can toggle the Pub History to see every change made. Additionally, it is clearly marked each time someone has completed a review (see above) or a new public version has been released.

Click the clock icon noting the last save time of your Pub to access the Pub History. (Figure 2.)


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