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Dimensions Of My Grandfather

A burial ground for miscues and fumbles

Published onDec 31, 2023
Dimensions Of My Grandfather

Photo by Ivan Samkov:

my grandfather is
grains of sand floating
to the bottom of an
hourglass. he is a sun
dial measuring flashes
by the wrinkles of his
skin. grandpa is a
chief broker, bartering
litanies to stave off
the reaper. he is a
mound of earth littered
by the scattered frag-
ments of weakness.
a cigarette in the old-
school hand, an oxygen
tank in his left.
the inside track is a
rugged curve-ball,
tattered bibles and
wooden church pews.
preacher teachings
and musty hymnals,
a burial ground for
miscues and fumbles,
to ripen into compost or resurrection.

Ash Slade lives in Wolcott, Connecticut. In her spare time, she composes and reads poems and short stories. Previous publications include: The Lincoln Underground, Trouvaille Review, and most recently October Hill and Iceblink. 

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