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Bear Trap

“and I had nothing / but a couple of classes / and a head full of books”

Published onDec 01, 2019
Bear Trap

“March 2014,” between Oxford and Calhoun City, Miss., iPhone 5S, Kristen Brown

he had two Master’s degrees
and I had nothing
but a couple of classes
and a head full of books

as we drank whiskey
and talked one day
in his flophouse room
about history and philosophy
he stopped, looked at me
and growled, in his way:
“You got a mind
like a fuckin’ bear trap, kid!”

he had no idea
how right he was
because in the years since
these jaws have grabbed
many things
more dangerous
than an ursine beast

things that have done
more damage
than mere teeth
and claws
ever could

and still
they hold on

Brian Rihlmann was born in New Jersey and currently resides in Reno, Nevada. He writes free verse poetry, much of it on the confessional side. He has been published in Blognostics, Red Eft Review, Synchronized Chaos, Cajun Mutt Press, The Rye Whiskey Review and others.

Kristen Brown is a Louisiana native currently residing in Mississippi. She attended school at the University of Mississippi and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Theater, Cinema and English. Her photography consists primarily of scenic landscapes and nature, with most of it occurring within the winter and autumn months, and is intended to prove that it is possible to create high-quality artwork with an iPhone. All that’s required is a cellular device and an artistic vision.

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