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Bobby & Me

"and there I was next to Robert DeNiro"

Published onMay 12, 2024
Bobby & Me

Photo by Tov Liu:

On the flight from LA to Toronto I was bumped
to Business Class, some airline SNAFU, and there
I was next to Robert DeNiro slightly reclined for
the long flight. I’m told I bear a striking resemblance,
despite his being twelve years older. He is much
different in real life, playing Wordle on his phone.
I respected his need for anonymity while the attendant
doted over him as if he was the only passenger
on the plane. Mixed drinks, savory snacks, a real
blanket…and since he had the window seat, all of this
occurred over me. To his credit, he appeared patient,
pleasant, appreciative until the attendant’s request
for a selfie, which he allowed anyway. Do you know
who I am? I finally blurted out to the visibly wounded
attendant. She shook her head. I’m Billy DeNiro.
This is my older brother, Bobby. I’m not a big shot
movie star, but I paid a small fortune for this seat,
and I’ve made millions in plastics. I invented the little
fastener you use every day to seal your bread bag,
not to mention a slew of other convenient devices.
I’m told I’ve single-handedly ruined the planet,
but who knew? Sir, she said, you were bumped up
from Coach, then walked away triumphantly.
DeNiro leaned in with that wry, but sympathetic
grin, and asked – Billy, have you heard from mom?

Bill(y) Garvey's poetry has been published in several journals across North America. His poetry collection, The basement on Biella, was published in 2023 by DarkWinter Press. He grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts and currently lives in Canada with his wife, Jean. He enjoys the public transportation of Toronto. 

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