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“Thick and eloquent, Straight-spined, Your type, First edition.”

Published onAug 08, 2018

Watched you today Hanging out with friends, Talking to each in turn, Attention paid One story at a time. “Oh, have you seen this one?” You ask To the King of Sentences And the Critic. “I’ve never heard of this one before,” You say with a pat on the jacket, A point, And a smile. Such easy conversations. “That guy was crazy,” You quip. “But his son turned out totally Normal.” Pausing in phrase To drool over a lovely, A gift signed for you, Thick and eloquent, Straight-spined, Your type, First edition. “Ah, man, kind of makes me want it.” “What are the chances I’m going to find it again?” The lights flick off. Time to go. Take your catch home. Introduce her to your library. Murmur as you turn down the covers.

Jennifer R. Lloyd is a former journalist and longtime logophile. No longer churning words into newsprint on the daily, she sweats out the demons in South Texas or purges them onto the page. In her spare time, she accumulates college degrees and explores poetry and fiction.

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