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At the Waterfall

"an upfling of savagery"

Published onSep 10, 2023
At the Waterfall

Photo by Nextvoyage:

The unpredictable water orchestrates
a force of sound
through a watchful landscape.
A constant breath reverberates
as clouds spread themselves
to bear weightless shades
across wind-carved
trees and whales of rock.
Transforming the quivering flux
into a circuit of power,
an upfling of savagery
its drenched elements
hurrying into frame,
transparent and deep-seated
where the traveller's eye
translates the chaotic and reconciled scene.

Byron Beynon coordinated Wales's contribution to the anthology Fifty
Strong (Heinemann). His work has featured in several publications including San Pedro River Review, Cyphers, Nixes Mate, Wasafiri, The London Magazine, Poetry Wales, Third Wednesday, English: The Journal of the English Association and the anthology The Polaris Trilogy (Poems for the Moon - published by Brick Street Poetry, Inc 2023). He is the author of several collections including The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions). His most recent collection Where Shadows Stir (The Seventh Quarry Press) was launched at the birthplace of Dylan Thomas, Swansea, in February 2023.

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