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Poem of Photosynthesis I

"The light strokes the needle, enticing its chemical reaction"

Published onJun 30, 2024
Poem of Photosynthesis I

Photo by Anthony:

When we’re together
the cliché is we are one—
competing till death.

The light strokes the needle, enticing its chemical reaction, as the wind caresses the branch in and out of shadow, until it is dark all the time, and in a drastic measure dries, and finally resigns to the ground.

When we’re together
not every one’s in the sun—
the violence of trees.

There are no clacking typewriters anymore, their keys cool and dust covered; the iceman has melted away; the red light in the darkroom is extinguished; the door-to-door sales man has left his suitcase at the end of the street; the phone operator has hung up.

When we’re together
silence of deadfall descents—
among Douglas firs.

Marc Janssen has been writing poems since around 1980. Some people would say that was a long time but not a dinosaur. Early decrepitude has not slowed him down much; his verse can be found scattered around the world in places like Pinyon, Slant, Cirque Journal, Off the Coast and Poetry Salzburg also in his book November Reconsidered. Janssen coordinates the Salem Poetry Project- a weekly reading, the occasionally occurring Salem Poetry Festival, and was a nominee for Oregon Poet Laureate. For more information visit,

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