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Ideal Publishing Platform

A work in progress to help the developers at PubPub.

Published onFeb 20, 2021
Ideal Publishing Platform









Enhanced Design Functionality


  1. Promotion

    1. Newsletter functionality

    2. Editorial/reviewer/submitter messaging capability

    3. Social sharing

  1. Submission

    1. Import

    2. Notifications of new submissions to editors

    3. Notifications of submission status to submitters

    4. WYSIWYG editor.

    5. Auto-date submission

    6. Overall editorial, review and submission management:

    7. My wife, Misty, came up with a possible solution to our submitters' oft-expressed confusion:

      Instead of squishing all the upload/import/metadata workflow on a single page with the WYSIWYG editor, what if:

      1. On the initial submission page, submitters upload their document and complete the metadata;

      2. On the next page, they are presented with a preview of their submission as it would appear on PubPub along with metadata confirmation leading to two options:

      3. SUBMIT -- Everything looks okay, send it to the journal for consideration OR

      4. EDIT -- This brings up the PubPub WYSIWYG for the first time and allows the submitter to make any necessary formatting or other changes and a SAVE or SUBMIT option.

      I think that mostly makes sense -- it's early.

      Essentially, her hypothesis is that the editor ultimately confuses people at the initial stage of submission because they aren't in the creative process during the period they're submitting work. They aren't looking to create/edit their work (they've been doing that elsewhere for days or weeks or months or years). They're looking to submit it -- sometimes to multiple places as quickly as possible. But, as I explained, because no import/conversion process works perfectly anywhere, we have to present submitters with a preview to allow them to fix any errors introduced (see my soon-to-be added thread "Poetry on PubPub") -- otherwise, we may as well just let them email it to us and do all the work ourselves.

  1. Review

    1. Review annotation/comment notifications

    2. How does the “Review” tab work?

  1. Editing

    1. Notifications of edits to submitted drafts

    2. Reload previous draft as active draft

    3. Image repository integration (Unsplash, etc.)

    4. Editing capabilities to satisfy poets:

  1. Publication

    1. Scheduled publishing

  1. Preservation

    1. DOI

    2. Crossref integration?

    3. Other LTS options?

  1. Monetization

    1. Payment processing

      1. Open Collective? Liberapay?

      2. PayPal, Stripe?

  1. Community

    1. Message board integration (Discourse, Github?)

    2. Membership integration?

    3. Versatile sharing capabilities:

  1. Enhanced Design Functionality

    1. Greater control/flexibility over designs within accessibility guidelines

    2. Ability to “edit code” of Pub to fix formatting errors

  1. Documentation

    1. Improved in-platform instructions at POC

    2. Increased documentation of fundamentals

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