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Fresh Loaf

"crumbs of memories"

Published onJul 03, 2024
Fresh Loaf

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko:

white fluff rises | silent promise unfurls | humble grains and water's touch
leavens bread so virginal | crust crackles | whispers of comfort
through laughter shared | secrets told
sudden sharp crust stings | redness pool | the tip of my finger
my tongue taste | metal twang of betrayal | echo of silence
where trust once embraced | crumbs of memories | now burnt remains
humility hardens | inedible mound | amidst the pain | a lesson learned
find the strength | rise higher still | forgive one day | though never forget
and build new bonds | wherever God leads | new breads can still be true
but check for razor edges!

E Kraft is a poet who enjoys creating origami art and coding for a non-profit organization. Her poems have been published by The Inlandia Institute, The Hanging Loose Press, The National Poetry Quarterly, and others. She is grateful for everyone who has read her poems or attended her readings.

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