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Opposites Attract

'is it solid like a bug"

Published onMar 01, 2023
Opposites Attract

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E-man, Electric Man
Modern Superman, goes electric
all powerful, glowing with sparks
that twinkle in the eyes
dark lightning in the mirror.
Electricity -- what is it?
if you touch it you get shocked,
why not let go?
is it solid like a bug, a firefly
in a jar -- when a charge
is inside the battery, does it weigh more?
when current runs through wires
is it moving?
is it current or already gone, to where?
we're transitioning
are there hidden dangers?
as in deadly nuke-u-lar energy
hidden by the billionaires
to make us dependent
on their next drug?
I came through you
positive proton---negative electron
after two years apart, the motel carpet
caused static, our kiss
had a snap flash back
we laughed, then hugged so long
we synchronized our breathing
our heartbeats and the neural
impulses of our brains
and when we were done
we were both pregnant
ready to give birth
to a new generation
of E-men / E-women
that would never isolate
never be static
always be electric
charged and current
full of the power
to energize
to transform
one's dynamo self.

E. Martin Pedersen, originally from San Francisco, has lived for over forty years in eastern Sicily, where he taught English at the local university. His poetry appeared most recently in Avatar Review, Canyon Voices, Slab, SurVision, and Helix Literary Magazine, among others. Martin is an alumnus of the Community of Writers. He has published two collections of haiku, Bitter Pills and Smart Pills, and a chapbook, Exile's Choice, from Kelsay Books. A full collection, Method & Madness, is forthcoming from Odyssey Press. Martin's poem, "Gull Eggs," was nominated by Flapper Press for the Best of the Net Award 2023.

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