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Ideal user

"That was only the concept art"

Published onDec 18, 2022
Ideal user

Photo by Jexo:

You were created
in your first image, a jpeg file
that was only the concept art,
now an NFT;

Sean here exported you,
he transformed you into an svg,
a vector graphic that can
be scaled from the smallest
watch screen 
to a drone presentation
drowning out the sky.

Cody built
the machine learning algorithm
that watched you grow up.

Jenny used this 
to build her Bus-portable 
Random Arithmetic Integration 

The Brain inside of you
that makes you think, act
and re-act like
the ideal user
you imagine yourself 
to be.

Kunle Farawe is an artist, writer and illustrator based in New Jersey. He is the author of 3 poetry chapbooks including "Akin by the Sea" a collection on human nature and the environment, and "Thermos" a collection on weariness. Born and raised in Lagos, Kunle grew up surrounded by books, music, and science. He currently studies at the Ying Wu College of Computing.

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