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"You can get lost in the fog or you can dance in it."

Published onMar 24, 2024

Photo by Ron Lach:

(from Japanese 夢 (yume, dream)

+ Japanese 折る(oru, to bend, to fold))

Water can refresh you or
just as easily drown you.
It all depends.

And it's the same with fog.
You can get lost in the fog
or you can dance in it.

What do you see when you
you fold a sheet of paper?
I see a kite that

could've been a bird, a boat,
a fish or a frog but secretly
dreams of being

a plane.

Jim Murdoch has been writing poetry for fifty years and has graced the pages of many now-defunct magazines and a few, like Ink, Sweat and Tears and Poetry Scotland, that are still hanging on in there. For ten years he ran the literary blog The Truth About Lies but now lives quietly in Scotland with his wife and (increasingly) next door’s cat. He has published two books of poetry, a short story collection and four novels.

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