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Modern Religion

"I put no faith in stilettos or glass ceilings"

Published onNov 20, 2022
Modern Religion

~Photo by Christian Buehner:

I don’t believe in ironing bed sheets or jeans (or owning an iron at all), 
leaving shopping carts willy-nilly all over the grocery store parking lot, 
or saving that back-of-the-cupboard bottle of wine for an unspecified special occasion. 

I see no sanctity in staying quiet and standing down, working hard 
just to play even harder (if ever), or avoiding the Eiffel Tower when the lights 
dazzle and spark on the hour each night simply because it’s an undeniable tourist trap. 

I put no faith in stilettos or glass ceilings. Saving face or original sin. Promises 
to grab lunch soon. New Year’s resolutions or diets that start (next) Monday. 
Guilty pleasures or hidden talents. Day planners or tomorrow as a hope or guarantee.

Sarette Danae is a teacher and writer hailing from Seattle. Her poetry has appeared in local and international publications including The Metaworker, Blue Mountain Review, and Amsterdam Quarterly. When not writing, she can usually be found hiking with her husband and two dogs.

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