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Outsider Thrown In

"Nothing could calm the roaring boil."

Published onMar 10, 2024
Outsider Thrown In

Photo by Himesh Kumar Behera:

The moment we anchored.
Frustration mounted.
Docked, we exit.
Into the murky concrete sea.
First thing to happen?
Got lost in the middle of the lake with no paddle.
Immediately smashed the compass.
Nothing could calm the roaring boil.
Stuck in the middle.
Suffocating on the salt
Scream into the black night.
Tourists see ocean madness.
Full blown loonies at work.
Too far gone to help.
Jumping overboard.
Drowning in the darkness.
No life preserver could save.
Regrets of coming in the first place
Am I crazy?
Or just stupid?

I’m searching for buried treasure.

Kaotic Quinn is a twenty-first century neurodiverse, beatnik writer who is obsessed with vintage books. Their writing transcends genres, but dives deep into the struggles of life from depression to adopting a child. In their free time you can find them skateboarding, painting, or making music. They’ve spent a decade working in the kitchen, studied to be a medical assistant, and even worked as a photographer. Kaotic was born and raised in the diverse city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but is currently based in San Antonio, Texas.

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