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"misplace memory's folded origami"

Published onDec 14, 2022

Photo by Jason Leung:

Trees interrupt
gestures, misplace
memory’s folded

A pause in the midst
of forgetting; a

Like the water hose
curling from spigot –
stretching its brass ‘O’
to base of dogwood –
left mid-chore the
thirstless mouth
continues to irrigate
ravenous pink

Chthonic surplus of roots
flex into upheaval
of white oak –
thick gnarly limbs
tower heroically
over meager pedestrians.
Strain to recall
each as they fade.

Intimate red maple
withdraws gossip into secluded
company, reminds people
the secrets want

Copper burst
of sibilant voices
over sidewalk, lawn,
and driveway – a green

stellar force
interrupts civic history,
rooting its own memory
in ours.

 Joshua Bridgwater Hamilton is a Louisville, KY native who migrated to Corpus Christi.  Between Kentucky and Texas, he has traveled and lived in several places, including Spain, Appalachia, Panamá, Peru, the Philippines, and the Colorado River.  Currently, he is an MFA Poetry candidate at Texas State University.  He has two chapbooks: Rain Minnows (Gnashing Teeth Publishing), and Slow Wind (Finishing Line Press).   His poetry appears in such journals as Windward Review, Voices de la Luna, Tiny Seed Journal, Amarillo Bay, The Dillydoun Review and San Antonio Review. 

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