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"It was worth / surviving every mistake I’d made"

Published onJul 17, 2019

Wreathed in sparks, low mountains
ignite. Arizona.
Barefoot over the sand we run. Alice
takes my hand as the sky
breaks apart. Our lungs combust,
we dance erratic in the rain, our limbs
sinking into the muddy earth.
It was worth it. Every scar,
the crashed cars and bar-fights.
Lightning. Her laugh
louder than a downpour. It was worth
surviving every mistake I’d made
to be drenched in the desert
alive with her
the night the fire ended.

Jamie L. Smith is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Hunter College, where she has been the recipient of the Colie Hoffman Poetry Prize and the 2019 Guggenheimer Award, and was runner up for the Academy of American Poets Prize and the Richter Award. She is unpublished and in love with poetry.

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